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Dario was quite literally born into the world of hair. A Colombian native, he spent much of his youth in his family’s hair salon and attending hair shows in which his family competed.

Fascinated by hair styling’s ability to transform the ordinary to extraordinary, he realized that the right hairstyle can make people feel beautiful and confident.

Dario Salon La Jolla

Today, Dario is recognized as one of the leading hair stylists in the country, setting and inspiring new trends. His goal goes far beyond “cutting hair” — rather, he is passionate about making his clients feel and look their best.

Dario strives to translate his visionary style of beauty into a contemporary yet classic style that is uniquely your own. Known for his ability to give hair movement and life, he believes that the best hair styles bring out the best in you.


Since then, Dario’s career has taken him across the globe. He has partnered with and studied under some of the world’s top hair designers, from Serini in Rome to Mahogany in London to Sassoon in Beverly Hills to John Barrett in New York to Pivot Point International Academy in Chicago.

Working alongside the avant-garde, he has participated in Hair World shows and seminars in Paris, Las Vegas, and Chicago, including a seminar with Tim Hartley creating personal hair designs for fashion’s elite, including Helmut Lang, Prada, and Jacques Dessange, the official hair designer for Dior, Chanel, and Carven. These top fashion designers inspired him to develop a complete style and feel for each of his hair creations.

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